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Tempest Strip – Emergency & Sensor LED Batten

NEW! Self Battery Test

Applications: Carparks, Hallways, Utility Areas, Food Preparation Areas, Outdoor Locations, etc.



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Type: Maintained
Battery (High Temp): 9.6V 3.2AH Ni-MH Rechargeable
Emergency Output: 30% Nominal Power
Emergency Duration: >3 Hours
Charge Time: <12 Hours
LED Indication:
Red: Charging
Green: Fully Charged
Yellow: Battery Fault or Disconnected
Test Button: AC Power On: Push and Hold the Button to Enter Emergency Mode; Release the Button to Come Back to AC Power Mode

Microwave Sensor

Sensor Range: 180 Degree, 1 – 8M (adjustable)
Sensing Interval: 10s to 5min Max (adjustable)
Sensing Interval Output: 20% Light Output at Standby
Detection Angle: 360 Degree
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Output Power: 5V DC
HF System: 5.8Hz +/- 75MHz CW Radar ISM Band


  • Available in Common, Sensor, Emergency and Emergency & Sensor.
  • Smart Microwave Motion Sensor + Day Light Sensor with 0-10V Dimming Driver
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance:
    • Diffuser Permanently Attached by 2 Clips
    • 2 x 6mm Terminal Blocks, middle and Ends
    • 2.5A Wire Connecting all Two Terminal Blocks
    • Gear Tray Restraints for Easy Maintenance
    • Ceiling, Wall or Suspension Mounting with Optional Mounting Brackets
    • Multiple Drill-Out Conduit Entry Points, Middle and Ends.
  •  Product Dimensions (mm)
    • 2Ft – 618mm
    • 4Ft – 1215mm
    • 5Ft – 1515mm
  • Multiple Wattage Available From 20W ~ 80W
  • High Light Output 120lm/W
  • High Quality LED Chipset SMD 2835
  • 110° Beam Angle
  • Colour Range from 3000 – 6000k
  • 100 – 240V AC Input Voltage
  • DC 36V Driver Output Voltage
  • Polycarbonate Body and Diffuser, Vandal Resistant
  • Stainless Steel Clips, Tamper Resistant
  • White Housing Colour