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About Greenlux LED

Greenlux LED Lighting has been delivering quality lighting outcomes successfully to commercial sites nationally for the past 9 years. The parent company Innovative Digital Displays Pty Ltd has been trading for over 28 years. We have substantial experience in the manufacture and development of quality commercial LED lighting products. We have our own manufacturing facilities which mean we can deliver high quality product at extremely competitive pricing.

Why Greenlux Australia?

Your cost reduction partner

Greenlux specialises in suppling high quality LED fixtures for commercial/ industrial businesses and government sectors. Our product is manufactured by our own joint venture facilities and quality controlled by our own Electrical Engineers on site.

All our fixtures have the following general characteristics:

  • We use only high quality recognised LED chipsets (Samsung, LG, Sharp, Cree, Epstar, etc.)
  • All our chipsets have LM80, LM79 and TM21 test reports
  • All our chipsets are chosen to have the highest lumen per watt output maximising energy efficiency
  • All our chipsets have high CRI indexes
  • LED Power supplies comply with Australian Electrical Standards
  • LED power supplied are matched to suit the LED chipsets
  • Our LED fixtures have a very low failure rate, below the industry average (under .03%)
  • Greenlux offers 3-5 years warranty on all LED fixtures

We carefully take into consideration the following:

  • Light Levels required
  • The amenity of the proposed fixtures (the look of the fixture)
  • The minimum wattage required to get the required levels of illumination
  • The choice of chipset and beam angle is very important to the successful production of adequate light levels
  • The external fixtures have a minimum of IP65 to ensure the fixture is weatherproof.

When retrofitting we take into consideration:

  • Areas Requiring an Increase in Light Levels
  • All fixtures are replaced with LED fixtures of the same body colour to ensure we have conformity across the site

Reduced Maintenance

With over fifty times the life of incandescent, seventeen times the life of halogen and ten times the life of compact fluorescent, Greenlux’s range of LED globes greatly reduce your globe replacement maintenance costs. All Greenlux lighting products undergo strict laboratory testing to ensure the lifespan ratings are correct. We allow a 1% -10% lumen dropoff over the lifespan of the product, with up to 30% drop off after the lifespan rating. In particular our LED range is perfect for those hard to reach places requiring access equipment and specialist safety work procedures.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

Our Planet is heating up due to annual Co2 Emissions (Greenhouse Gases) in our atmosphere. Greenlux provides lighting products that not only save you money with reduced electricity and maintenance charges but also greatly reduces the amount of Co2 emissions released into the atmosphere. With Australia and New Zealand implementing compulsory energy reporting and Carbon Trading Schemes, now is the time to switch to a Greenlux Solution.

The Greenlux Process


On-Site Investigation

A Greenlux Cost Reduction Consultant is able to carry out an evaluation of your premises. We will arrange a meeting with you to meet and discuss in person your specific requirements. Current usage, lumen output, ceiling heights, beam angles and color temperatures are all recorded firstly to allow us to better understand your current lighting situation prior to a Greenlux solution being provided.


Lighting Audit

We offer you a full business case for the implementation of our LED lighting – the business case will show, the Return on Investment of the project, along with the Current Usage and the Greenlux Savings Greenlux will also be able to give you a CO2 Emission reduction projection.


Installation Supervision

During the installation process a Greenlux consultant will liaise with the installing electrical contractor to the progress of your project ensuring the electrical installation specifications are carried out correctly.


Fast Payback Period

When you switch to a Greenlux solution your electricity usage charges for static lighting are dramatically reduced by up to 86%. Our range of award winning retrofit LED products use much less power than traditional light sources


Replacement Warranty

All Greenlux products come with full replacement warranty of 3-5 years.



All of our products undergo strict laboratory testing to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality in LED lighting retrofit products available in Australia today.

Our Partners and Clients

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Greenlux LED has been delivering quality lighting outcomes successfully to commercial sites nationally for the past 9 years.